School District 60 discuss student attendance, budget and teacher vacancies

The School District 60 board office.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. –  The 2017 budget, student attendance for the area and teacher vacancies were discussed at the School District Board meeting on Monday night.

The key points from this year’s budget were as follows:


Board assets sat at $82,060,500 in 2017 compared to $70,786,600 last year. The large increase was largely due to the new Margaret ‘Ma’ Murray Community School, which is under construction. Revenues for the School District were $68,363,500 this year compared to $69,073,500 last year. While expenses amounted to $68,811,800 in 2017 and $68,325,200 in 2016. The school made $748,300 compared to in 2016, when they made $1,893,400. Operation Costs were $4,638,300 where as in 2016 those totalled $4,206,200.

Superintendent Dave Sloan says enrollment is up by nearly 200 students, while there are over 6000 across the district. As for faculty, there are 60 new teachers and 14 administrators in new positions. One hundred and eighty-seven positions have thus far been filled on the faculty side, 59 of which are new positions.