BCUC inviting comments on three Site C alternative portfolios

A rendering of the Site C dam. Photo by BC Hydro

VANCOUVER, B.C. – After the general comment period closed on the B.C. Utilities Commission’s Site C Inquiry yesterday, the inquiry panel is now inviting comments on three alternative portfolios.

Under the terms of reference for the Inquiry, the Panel is to consider alternative portfolios of generating projects and demand‐side management initiatives to the Site C project in the context of the energy objectives set out in the provincial Clean Energy Act. At the request of the Panel, Commission staff prepared three illustrative alternative portfolios based on information submitted in the Inquiry.


The Panel is now inviting comments from BC Hydro and the public on the alternative portfolios. Those comments can be uploaded via the BCUC’s Site C Inquiry website at www.sitecinquiry.com on or before Wednesday, October 18th.

To view the Alternative Portfolio Spreadsheet, download the Excel document from the BCUC website via this link: http://www.sitecinquiry.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/00552_A-22-1_Alternative-portfolio-spreadsheet.xlsx

Comments on the Alternative Portfolio can be submitted on the BCUC’s website: http://www.sitecinquiry.com/making-submissions-new/.