Blizzard Bicycle Club hosting their final event of the season this weekend

Pat Ferris comepeting in Berm Cross last weekend. Photo Courtesy Blizzard Bike Club Facebook page.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Blizzard Bicycle Club is hosting its final event of the riding season this weekend.

The Muddy Face Race will be a five lap race on the grass and dirt area behind the Sureus Ball Diamonds, with a trophy going to the winner.


The club’s Secretary Pat Ferris said, “This is our last event of the season till next March. It will be 45 minutes or 15 kilometers. It’s meant to be a harder, slower event over a curvy circuit. This will be around our 200th event of the season.”

Ferris who competed in the Berm Cross last weekend and placed first out of a handful of hardcore racers endured 100 kilometer an hour winds added, “I managed to hold the others off. Man was it crazy windy, it was ridiculous, I was getting sand blasted.”

Ferris also stated that you have to be a member to compete in these events. Memberships are $60 for those 16 years of age and under and for those older than 16 it’s $80. For more info you can visit their website at

The Muddy Face Race starts at 2:00 p.m. this Sunday.