District of Hudson’s Hope warning about livestock on the loose

A cow. Photo by Pixabay

HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. — Officials with the District of Hudson’s Hope are concerned after a recent spike in the sightings of local livestock on area roads.

The District’s Safety and Bylaw Officer Wallace Roach issued a Public Safety Notice last Friday after receiving a complaint about livestock next to Highway 29 near the Lynx Creek Bridge the previous evening. Roach added that the complaint is one of several that the District has received about animals on roads inside the District’s boundaries.


Roach pointed out that livestock owners are responsible for keeping their animals from being at large, and may be fined $60 for each at-large livestock animal they may have. Roach also mentioned that in addition to any bylaw fines, livestock owners could also be sued for any damages if animals on the loose caused an accident, and could even face criminal negligence charges if they were previously spoken to about their animals being at large.

A copy of the notice that was posted on the District of Hudson’s Hope’s website can be found below: