District of Taylor rolls out new residential garbage bins

District of Taylor Mayor Fraser stands with one of the new garbage bins. Photo by District of Taylor

TAYLOR, B.C. – The District of Taylor will roll out a new garbage disposal system starting in November.

Each residential property in Taylor will receive a new 240L garbage container, similar to the container used in Fort St. John and other communities.  The new containers will be delivered to the District this month and distributed to residents by the end of October.

The first pick-up using the new garbage containers will happen on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

“This new bylaw provides 3 opportunities; first it will enhance the safety for contractors picking up the bins, second it will provide a cost savings to the District as the contractor streamlines their service and finally an incentive to reuse and recycle as residents become more aware of the waste they are producing in their homes” says Mayor Rob Fraser.

According to a press release from the District, Council did discuss curbside recycling, they decided to put that on hold until a more in-depth review of recycling needs in the community can be completed.

Each household will receive one bin. Tags for extra bags will no longer be available for purchase however they may be returned at the municipal office for refunds.