Horgan considering moving Family Day and eliminating Daylight Savings Time

B.C. Premier John Horgan speaking at the Union of BC Municipalities Convention in Vancouver in September 2017. Photo by Government of British Columbia/Flickr.

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Premier John Horgan is reportedly considering changing the date of Family Day in B.C., as well as looking at the province ditching Daylight Savings Time.

In an exclusive interview with NEWS 1130 in Vancouver, Horgan said he is considering changing the statutory holiday’s date so that it is in line with other provinces across the country.

“I think everyone supports the idea of a day off in February, I certainly do, but why wouldn’t it be in line with other provinces so that we can have commerce continue so that you can have a family holiday and not miss out because you have to work on the day that everyone else is off,” said Horgan.


He added that the changes likely won’t come into effect for the upcoming Family Day weekend next February, since the change isn’t at the top of his list.

“We’ve got a whole bunch of very big issues to deal with. The fentanyl crisis continues, we’re working as hard as we can to get our heads around that. The softwood lumber deal is in a tough spot, I think we’re going to be hearing some negative in the days ahead — NAFTA re-negotiations. And on a rainy day we forget the fires we’ve just come through, we now have to work on recovery.”

The Family Day statutory holiday was brought in under the former BC Liberal government in 2013, and takes place on the second Monday in February, while other provinces have stat holidays on February’s third Monday.

Horgan says he’s also thinking about eliminating Daylight Savings Time altogether, after Grand Forks brought forward a motion to cancel the time change at the Union of BC Municipalities conference. In September, Horgan solicited emails from B.C. residents to get their thoughts on the proposal, and said that his office has been inundated with feedback.

Story courtesy News 1130: http://www.news1130.com/2017/10/20/premier-considers-changing-family-day-daylight-saving-time-bc/