Recycle-It Share Shed was over and above terms of contract with Regional District

One of the Share Sheds at a PRRD Transfer Station. Photo supplied by NEAT.

FORT ST. JOHN, B,C. — The Peace River Regional District’s Chief Administrative Officer says that while the closure of the Share Shed at its regional recycling services contractor is unfortunate, it does not breach the terms of the contract.

Chris Cvik said that the Regional District currently has an agreement with Recycle-It Resource Recovery to provide recycling services across the region.

“We have agreement with R3 to provide services at level ‘x’,” explained Cvik. “R3 was providing service at level ‘x+y’, they were going over and above the contract that they had with the regional disitrict. They have since announced that they are going back and discontinuing that level ‘y’ service. They will still continue to provide service that was agreed to in the contract.”

Cvik also said that Recycle-It is a for-profit business, and that any comment about their cessation of the Share Shed would need to come from that business. A Recycle-It spokesperson said on Wednesday that the company was not allowed to speak to the media about the closure of the Share Shed. However, Cvik clarified that Recycle-It originally intended to send out a press release commenting on the Share Shed’s closure, and that the Regional District was not supportive of that.

“The owner was wanting to do a media release, and we weren’t supporting or endorsing it,” said Cvik. “She had sent it to us for review and we provided a comment back to her that we don’t support or endorse, and prefer that she didn’t because it had some inaccurate information and information that could be misleading. But, she is a private corporation, we cannot tell someone what to do or what not to do even though we have a contract with them.”

When asked about whether Recycle-It’s owner had approached the Regional District about receiving increased compensation for providing services that were above and beyond the terms of the contract, Cvik said that he was not aware of that occurring. “That would be a great question back to her,” he said.

Cvik would not however give comment on whether Recycle-It’s owner would have been approved to get extra funding had that request been received. “Any sort of request that’s outside of the agreement would have to go to the Board for consideration, and I can’t speculate in any way, shape, or form whether the Board would have been supportive or whether the Board would have said ‘a contract’s a contract.’”