Feds and province draft conservation agreement for mountain caribou, starting in the Peace Region

Photo Credit: Fish &  Wildlife Compensation

VICTORIA, B.C. — The provincial and federal governments have developed a draft conservation agreement to support the recovery of B.C.’s southern mountain caribou, starting with herds living in the B.C. Peace Region.

The agreement sets out short-, medium- and long-term targets and immediate caribou recovery measures in the Central Group and it aims to reverse a decline in the Group’s population.

A map of mountain caribou hearts in B.C. Photo by Government of Canada

Recovery actions include range planning, habitat protection and restoration, as well as population management, including maternity penning and access control to sensitive caribou habitat.

B.C. will also lead in establishing a restoration fund under the agreement to support recovery actions for southern mountain caribou.

Following consultations with Indigenous communities and stakeholders, Canada and British Columbia are expecting to conclude their negotiations on the draft agreement over the next several months and release a final agreement in the spring of 2018.