Gas is costing B.C. residents more than anywhere else in Canada

The price of gas at the Chevron station in Fort St. John on Wednesday morning. Photo by Chris Newton

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C – British Columbians are paying more at the gas pump than anywhere else in Canada.

Average gas prices in B.C. are currently 134.6 cents/L while Alberta’s average is 120.4 cents/L. Prince Edward Island has the lowest average price at the pump across Canada at 113.6 cents/L.

Two weeks ago gas prices in Fort St. John were around 118.9 cents/L. Senior Petroleum Analyst Dan McTeague said, “The upward push on prices that we saw that really drove wholesale prices in the past eight to ten days those things are over. We are now starting to see a slow but gradual decrease to perhaps recovering one-quarter of that increase.”

Prices are expected to hover over the coming days as changes in prices hinge on what is happening in the U.S Midwest. McTeague added, “It looks like the inventory picture in the US Midwest has improved and will likely not change for another week. I don’t expect much of a drop for the next seven to ten days at least.”

McTeague gave a bit of ground back information as to historically why gas prices in B.C. are more compared to the nation. “There are three areas where there are different taxes. In Fort St. John and the rest of province excluding Victoria and Vancouver pay 31.17 times 5 percent GST or roughly 38 cents, it will depend on what the base price is.”

Vancouver has the highest fuel taxes for any metropolitan area in all of North America.