Horgan invites experts to cabinet meeting for a debate on Site C

A panorama of the excavation of the south bank at Site C in October, 2017. Photo by BC Hydro.

VICTORIA, B.C. — Premier John Horgan has invited experts on both sides of the debate over whether or not to cancel construction of the Site C dam to give briefings to his cabinet ahead of the government’s final decision on the fate of the project.

According to The Globe and Mail, Horgan told reporters yesterday that he still needs key questions answered before his government makes its decision. That decision was expected as early as this week, but two deputy government ministers raised new questions about the B.C. Utilities Commission’s final report on Site C last week. Energy Minister Michelle Mungall has said that a decision will be made before the end of the year.


Experts from both sides of the debate also hosted press conferences yesterday releasing outlines of why or why not to build Site C. Robert McCullough, a leading energy expert retained by the Peace Valley Landowner Association, released a report in Vancouver outlining why BC Hydro ratepayers would be better off cancelling the project – despite an estimated loss of $4 billion. For the same cost of building Site C, McCullough estimated that B.C. could either build 15 hospitals, 94 schools, or 25,000 new homes in the Vancouver area.

At the same time in Victoria, the Allied Hydro Council of BC held a news conference to release two expert reports that reached the opposite conclusion. Economist Marvin Shaffer and lawyer Jim Quail argued that the project is “past the point of no return”.

Both of those reports along with the report from McCullough can be viewed at the bottom of this article.

Though neither Shaffer and Quail have been invited to the cabinet debate on November 30th both McCullough and SFU professor Mark Jaccard, who has argued in favour of Site C, have been invited. Jaccard previously headed the B.C. Utilities Commission from 1992 to 1997, when the NDP was last in power.

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