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Latest Site C employment statistics show some similarities to job numbers in 2016

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — The latest employment statistics from the Site C project released by BC Hydro today shows that the trend of the number of people working on the dam is very similar to that seen last year, albeit with some differences.

In September, there were 2,375 people employed in building the 1,100-megawatt dam on the Peace River, which is actually an increase over the 2,357 working in August. The number of contractors on site dropped by 23 compared to the previous month, while there were an additional 41 engineers and project team members working on the dam. Those totals stood at 1,914 and 461 respectively.

Site C September 2017 employment statistics. Photo by BC Hydro

The number of B.C. residents employed on Site C as contractors fell from 1,514 to 1,489, with residents of this province making up 78 percent of that category of workers. The number of Peace River Regional District-primary residents also fell from 626 to 593. The percentage of local contractors has now dropped to 31 percent of the total contractor workforce.

Compared to August, both the number and percentage of B.C. residents working as engineers or as part of the project team jumped in September. 428 of the 461 workers in that category were B.C. residents, which corresponds to 93 percent. In August, there were 386 engineers and project team members from B.C.

With just over two years now elapsed in the dam’s construction timeline, the trends in the number of contractors working on Site C in August and September of 2017 show a few similarities compared to in 2016. Month-to-month, the number of contractors fell by 23 this year, and by 56 in the same timeframe last year. The percentage of local workers fell by two percent in 2016, and by one percent in 2017, and the difference in the number of PRRD residents employed compared to in September 2016 is only seven.

However, there were some differences as well: notably, there was a drop of 165 B.C. contractors last September, and the percentage of local workers was over ten percent higher. This year there is also an increase in the number of temporary foreign workers working as contractors on Site C. That number jumped by four in September, bringing the total to 13. That’s thirteen more than in September of last year.


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