Provincial government asking BCUC for additional information after reviewing Site C Final Report

A rendering of the Site C dam. Photo by BC Hydro

VANCOUVER, B.C. — The provincial government has sent a letter to the B.C. Utilities Commission asking for more information from the Site C Inquiry after reviewing the Commission’s final report on the controversial project.

In the letter, Deputy Finance Minister Lori Wanamaker and Deputy Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources David Nikolejsin begin by thanking the Commission for their work in completing its report within its 3-month deadline. However, the two deputy ministers raise several questions about the Final Report on Site C.

Among the questions raised are whether the Commission included the roughly $4 billion in sunk costs and costs of terminating Site C when comparing the costs of finishing the dam or pursuing an alternative generation portfolio. Other questions are whether an alternative portfolio would be developed by BC Hydro or Independent Power Producers, and if the Commission agreed with BC Hydro’s statement that a 10 percent Hydro rate hike would be required to recoup Site C’s costs over ten years.

For its part, the Commission said that the additional questions by the government do not mean that the inquiry will be reopened. In a release, the BCUC added that it will be providing a written response to the two ministries’ questions as soon as possible.

The full release from the BCUC, including the letter from the government, can be found below.