Building numbers in Fort St. John increased during the fall

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — After a lacklustre first nine months of the year, the value of construction in Fort St. John picked up slightly in October and November.

According to the latest building numbers from the City, the value of construction in October totalled roughly $6.9 million, while in November the total was approximately $12.2 million. In October, the city granted permits for a total of seven projects: three commercial properties, one industrial property, and three garages or renovations.


The one industrial property owned by LPC totalled $4.85 million. Last month, the lion’s share in the value of building starts was held by a 50-unit apartment building on 93rd Ave, which is valued at $9 million. So far this year, the value of construction in the Energetic City totals $54.49 million, which is roughly $25 million lower than at this point in 2016.

City revenues from associated permits and charges did rise over the last two months. In the past two months, the City brought in $225,746 of the year-to-date total of $598,552.59. That total is now less than $100,000 less than last year’s number, despite the smaller value of construction this year.