FSJ for LNG still pushing for B.C. LNG development

FSJ for LNG's road trip to Parliament Hill in Ottawa 2016. Photo by Alan Yu
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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – FSJ For LNG says they will continue to lobby and push for a positive final investment decision on LNG projects in 2018.

In 2017, the group disappointed by Petronas’ decision to cancel the Pacific Northwest LNG project, but the group still believes there is potential to develop LNG in B.C.  The group is pinning their hopes on a final investment decision from LNG Canada in Kitimat, which could come in 2018 and early start to construction at Woodfibre LNG.

According to chairman and founder, Alan Yu “The pull out of PNW LNG nor the fading FSJ for LNG bumper stickers do not spell the end of FSJ for LNG. These simply mean we are back to square one with renewed energy focused towards Victoria and the NDP Provincial Government. We aim this time for the NDP government to lay out business conditions favourable to an LNG Industry in BC.”


The group believes global demand for natural gas is increasing due to the policy shift to use clean-burning power sources. This is the message that we need to convey and destroy the fallacy that natural gas is an uneconomical export product.

In a release just before Christmas, Yu said “Our hope is that the Canadian government sees the fact that the opposite is cultivating ideal business conditions in the US. Trump’s “America First” and his recent tax cuts will wreak havoc in the Canadian economy in 2018. 50 percent of Canadian FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) are from the US. The recent US tax cuts and the opposite increase in Canadian taxation will see this flow out of Canada unless Trudeau opens his eyes sooner rather than later.”

The group believes they need to work cooperatively with the NDP if they want to achieve what they believe is best for the Province and Canada.


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