State of Emergency in Mackenzie County due to natural gas shortage


LA CRETE, A.B – Mackenzie County in Northwest Alberta is dealing with a natural gas shortage causing some homes to no longer have access to natural gas.

The pressure in the natural gas systems that feeds the communities of La Crete, Buffalo Head/Savage Prairie has dropped during the recent cold weather.  Residents are being asked to use alternative sources of heat or stay with family and friends.

As of 9 a.m. Saturday, the pressure is still dropping and more natural gas trucks are being sent to the region.  One truck was connected to the system Friday night, with another truck being hooked up Saturday with more trucks on the way.

An Emergency Reception Centre has been set up at the La Crete Mennonite Heritage Centre for those who do not have access to alternative sources of heat.  Residents that need to use the shelter, should contact Mary Driedger at 1-780-247-1680

The Emergency Operations centre is also up and running and can be reached at 1-780-927-3718.

For further updates, you can follow the Mackenzie County Facebook page or use the phone numbers above.