U.S. Army officer reunited with dog that ran loose near Fort St. John 

Nick Stoneburgh, who brought the rescued dog to his owner in Beaver Creek, Yukon. Photo by Global News

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — An officer in U.S. Army has been reunited with his canine companion after it ran off at a rest stop along the Alaska Highway nearly a month ago.

According to Global Edmonton, Jeff Hayes, his brother-in-law and his dog Yukon were driving to Alaska from Alabama on November 9th, stopping at a rest stop north of the Energetic City. The dog managed to shake off his collar and raced off into the nearby woods. After searching for several hours, Hayes said he left a note at the rest stop explaining how his dog had run off.

Area residents began posting sightings of Yukon on social media, and the dog was finally caught a week later. Local volunteers managed to get Yukon a ride up north with Edmonton truck driver Nick Stoneburgh, who rendezvoused with Hayes in Beaver Creek, Yukon.

Fort St. John resident Latoya Jones told Global News that helping to get the dog back to its owner involved a good number of residents in the city. “It took a village – like, it seriously took a village with this dog. People were out there feeding him.,” said Jones.

Story courtesy Global Edmonton: