Auditor General aiming to review Site C at some time over the next three years

B.C. Auditor General Carol Bellringer. Supplied photo

VANCOUVER, B.C. — B.C. Auditor General Carol Bellringer says that despite the NDP government ordering a review of the Site C dam by the B.C. Utilities Commission last year, she still wants to subject the project to some scrutiny of her own.

During a conference call from Vancouver yesterday, Bellringer stated that the BCUC’s review of Site C did address a large number of her office’s questions, but that there are parts of the project she still wants to look at. “It’s the largest construction project that you’ve ever seen in British Columbia,” said Bellringer, adding that it was hard to argue against her office auditing at least parts of the project.

Three days after Premier John Horgan announced that the project would proceed after the BCUC review, the Peace Valley Landowner Association called on Bellringer’s office to review the provincial government’s decision to approve Site C. Bellringer has said that sort of audit is outside of her mandate.

A BC Hydro spokesperson said that the Crown Corporation would cooperate with Bellringer during an audit. The Auditor General’s office is set to become the auditor of BC Hydro and the University of British Columbia in 2020.

Also on Bellringer’s list of projects to cover in the next three years are: the mental health of post-secondary students, the RCMP’s policing contract with the Province, and timely access to cancer care.