Carr announces federal funding for forestry projects at Resources Forum

Minister of Natural Resources, Jim Carr

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. — Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr announced that the federal government is providing $6.45 million in funding for six forest industry projects in Northern B.C., including two in the Peace River Regional District.

Carr made the announcement at the B.C. Natural Resources Forum in Prince George earlier today. The funding is intended to both promote diversity within the forest industry and collaboration with First Nations communities.

Two First Nations communities in Northeast B.C. will be getting some of the nearly $6.5 million in funds. The Tsay Keh Dene CHP Biomass Energy project will receive $25,000 to assess the feasibility of using bioenergy to reduce the Tsay Key Dene community’s reliance on diesel fuel for heat. The community is considering an Organic Rankin Cycle biomass plant to replace its diesel generator.

The nearby Kwadacha First Nation will receive $143,000 for two projects: $98,000 to support a community combined heat and power bioenergy system, and $45,000 to undertake a review and prepare a report of their experiences and lessons learned from a successful green-energy initiative in the community. That initiative uses local beetle-killed wood to fuel a bioenergy plant that generates electricity and heat.

“Technology and innovation have placed our forest sector at the threshold of a new era,” said Carr. “Adopting new ways of using renewable forest materials will help ensure that Canada’s forest sector continues to play a key role in our economy and contributes to efforts to address climate change.”