Mackenzie County still experiencing natural gas shortage

The latest message from the County of Mackenzie in Northwest Alberta.

LA CRETE, A.B – Mackenzie County in Northwest Alberta continues to deal with a natural gas shortage.

Although temperatures are expected to rise this week, the County says it will take days before the system is back to normal operation.

On Friday the County issued a state of emergency due to low pressure in the natural gas system for communities south of La Crete, A.B.  The low pressure caused many natural gas customers to lose service during a cold snap that saw temperatures drop to minus 40.

Residents and businesses in the area of La Crete, are still being told to conserve natural gas by using alternative sources of heat or staying with family or friends.  The County has been bringing in natural gas by truck since the situation started.

An emergency reception centre has been set up at La Crete Mennonite Heritage Centre.  For updates, you can follow the County of Mackenzie Facebook page, by clicking here.