Two mule deer reported roaming around the Toboggan Hill area

Photo by Pixabay
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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – According to reports sent to Moose FM there are two mule deer roaming around the Toboggan Hill by 93rd Avenue area.

It is recommended that residents keep their distance from the animals and their dogs on a leash if wandering through the area.

“It’s important to keep dogs on a leash and not to scare the deer from running onto the road and getting hit,” said BC SPCA North Peace Branch Manager Candace Buchamer. “A lot of deer when they feel threatened will try to stomp and if they are bucks they will try to use their horns and can impale. That’s definitely a concern with dogs charging the wildlife. It’s also advised for people to keep as much distance between them and the animals as possible.”


Deer meandering into the city is becoming more frequent as the city grows and cuts into their natural habitat. “We are cutting into what they know as their migratory pattern,” added Buchamer. “They can tend to frequent in the areas because that’s where they spent however many months last year. Just because there are houses there doesn’t mean they understand that.”


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