Backcountry officially reopened after last week’s B&E

A temporary cover has been erected over the hole in Backcountry's exterior wall, though the store has now officially reopened. Photo by Chris Newton

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — A sporting goods store that suffered structural damage when a man drove a truck through its exterior wall in a break and enter last week has officially reopened for business.

At around 4:30 last Tuesday morning, a man at the wheel of a stolen pickup truck smashed through Backcountry’s exterior cinderblock wall before driving right into the store. Backcountry co-owner Steve Hewitt said that the store was able to officially reopen during normal hours on Monday after an engineer conducted a structural assessment on the building, which had one of its load-bearing column bent when a truck slammed through the wall.


Hewitt explained that the damage from the impact extended into the store’s roof trusses, necessitating an engineered repair over the next several months. An area of the store’s interior has been closed off so that workers can get the wall and roof fixed. Hewitt added that extensive damage was done to the store’s floor, which will also need to be replaced when the driver spun out during the attempted smash and grab.

Despite the damage, Hewitt said that staff were able to get the store’s displays and merchandise racks fixed or replaced over the weekend, and the store has completely reopened.