City Council looking at bringing crokicurl to the Energetic City

Photo courtesy: Jaison Empson/CBC News Winnipeg.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – City Council is looking at bringing the winter sport crokicurl to the Energetic City.

Councillor Larry Evans tabled a motion asking staff to bring forward a report on bringing crokicurl to the City, including looking at a partnership with the Fort St. John Curling Club, and potential locations for the sport. Crokicurl is a combination of curling and the board game crokinole where players take turns flicking small discs across a circular board, trying to land the discs in the higher-scoring parts of the board.


In crokicurl, rocks are used that are about the size of a curling stone but made from lighter materials. It’s played by teams consisting of two players who try to score points by throwing the rock into the centre of the ice, where the highest scoring circle is (20 points). The game debuted in Winnipeg last year and has been a hit with residents nationwide as more cities are adding the game to their repertoire.

After the motion passed, Councillor Evans asked staff to bring forward recommendations on “ways how it could be done, not ways how it can’t be done?”