Dawson Creek Mounties reminding motorists about school bus laws

A road sign advising motorists to stop for school buses that have their lights flashing. Photo by ICBC.

DAWSON CREEK, B.C. — The Dawson Creek RCMP are reminding motorists about the importance of stopping for school buses when they have their red flashing lights on and their stop signs out.

According to spokesperson Cst. Jaime Ekkel, the Dawson Creek RCMP have recently received multiple reports of vehicles failing to stop for the red flashing lights on school buses while they are stopped to pick up or drop off kids. Passing a stopped school bus with its lights on is a contravention of Section 149 of the Motor Vehicle Act, and carries a fine of $368 and three driver penalty points.

“Failing to stop for a school bus with its lights flashing is not only dangerous but also puts children’s lives at risk, “said Cst. Ekkel. “Motorists need to understand that the safety precautions are put in place to protect everyone on the road and that ensuring the safety of children getting on and off the bus is part of our efforts to make our roads safer.”


Statistics say that 75 percent of school bus-related child deaths are the result of other motorists failing to stop for the school bus. With the poor weather and road conditions currently being experienced in the Peace Region, the RCMP say that motorists should allow for more stopping time and distance.