The Flower Hut teams up with Hospital Auxiliary to bring bouquets to FSJ Hospital

The Flower Hut's new cooler inside the Fort St. John Hospital. Photo by Chris Newton

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — A local florist has partnered with the Fort St. John Hospital Auxiliary to give visitors of the new Fort St. John Hospital the ability to purchase flowers on site for the first time.

The owner of The Flower Hut, Marla Belziuk, said that her and Hospital Auxiliary President Rosemary Landry had been discussing getting a flower cooler installed inside the Hospital for close to two years. Landry said that initially, the Hospital Auxiliary weren’t able a cooler that Belziuk had, as the unit was too large to be installed inside the building.


However, Belziuk recently bought a new cooler that met the dimensional requirements of the Hospital, and the new unit was installed outside the Hospital Auxiliary’s gift shop last week. According to Belziuk, the partnership will see The Flower Hut’s flowers sold out of the gift shop, with a percentage of the proceeds being donated to the Hospital Auxiliary.

Landry said that the new arrangement is a win-win, and that the ability for hospital visitors to buy flowers on site has been a big hit so far. This is the first instance that flowers have been able to be bought at the Fort St. John Hospital since the new building opened in June of 2012.