Horgan adopting non-combative stance in response to Notley’s ban on B.C. wines

Environment Minister George Heyman and Premier John Horgan address the media about Alberta Premier Rachel Notley's ban on imports of B.C. wines on February 7th. Photo by Global BC/Facebook

VICTORIA, B.C. — Premier John Horgan held a press conference in Victoria today to reaffirm his support for the province’s wine industry after Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said her province would stop importing B.C. wines yesterday, saying he wouldn’t be getting distracted by the standoff as his government prepares its Throne Speech next week.

While addressing the media today, Horgan stated that his government’s actions last week in announcing that it intended to consult with B.C. residents about the impacts of a large oil spill is not intended to be combative. He also said that his government stands by the B.C. wine industry, and that members of his government are in contact with industry members on the course of action going forward.


When asked, the Premier said that while he does disagree with his Alberta counterpart over the policy, the two have been friends in the past and have been in regular contact since the dispute erupted last week. Horgan also expressed his aspiration for the dispute to be peacefully resolved in the near future, adding that he held off addressing the media until today saying “I don’t believe it’s in anyone’s interest to have duelling Premiers.”

Horgan said he doesn’t plan on getting distracted by events taking place in other jurisdictions, saying that his priority is looking after his own province.