Horgan moves Family Day to align with everyone else

BC NDP leader John Horgan/Photo: BC NDP

VICTORIA, B.C. — Premier John Horgan announced today that starting next year, the Family Day statutory holiday will be moved to the third week in February so families across the country can celebrate together.

Family Day was established in British Columbia in 2013 following a consultation process that had recommended the holiday be on either the second or third Monday in February. The previous Liberal government decided on the second Monday, even though it was inconsistent with other Canadian provinces and the United States.


In announcing the change for 2019, Premier Horgan says Family Day will now be better aligned for businesses and families.

“Moving Family Day is the right thing to do for businesses small and large, and is better for families who may be spread out across the country,” said Premier Horgan. “This gives families an opportunity to schedule and spend more time with loved ones from other provinces.”