Peace Crossing Society introduced to Council

PCHS President Wally Pohlmann before council on Feb.19th. Photo by Brady Ratzlaff.

TAYLOR, B.C. – Taylor Council was introduced to the Peace Crossing Historical Society at Monday’s meeting.

The Society’s desire is to preserve and collect the history of Taylor and surrounding area’s in partnership with local historical centres.


“We are excited to work with Taylor district council and the surrounding are centres,” added Pohlmann. “To further the understanding and knowledge of the history of the area, Council and pictures on the wall. Our objective is to collect stories, story forms, memories and DVD’s.”

The Society wants to engage its members and the surrounding community with the historical information or pieces of the area. The society’s short-term goal is to seek the District’s help with getting the Society fully functional. While in the long-term it’s looking at building/or moving into a larger space such as a museum or larger storage area as well as seeking out grants that can be beneficial.

“We are going to look for a logo with a contest in the Taylor Times in March or April,” added Pohlmann. “We would like Taylor Council members to judge and select the Society’s logo based on the submissions received. The winner will be given a membership for the Society.”

In the meantime, the NPHS will be seeking a name and members.