Site C workforce dropped in December to lowest levels since mid-2016

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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. —  The latest Site C dam employment statistics published by BC Hydro show that in the last month of 2017 the workforce of the largest construction project in the province dropped to levels not seen since May of the previous year.

In December, there was a total of 1,525 people employed at Site C. The number of contractors on site dropped by 166 compared to the previous month, while there were ten additional engineers and project team members. Those totals stood at 1,036 and 489 respectively. Since recording a peak of 2,375 workers in September, the Site C project shed nearly 850 workers during the span of the B.C. Utilities Commission’s review of the project.

Employment numbers are provided by Site C contractors and consultants. Numbers are subject to revision and corrections provided by contractors and consultants. Data not received by project deadline may not be included in the above numbers. Photo by BC Hydro

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The number of B.C. residents employed on Site C as contractors fell from 910 to 817, making up 79 percent of contractors. The number of Peace River Regional District resident contractors dropped by from 374 to 322, which equates to 31 percent of the contractor workforce. Overall, the percentage of Site C’s workforce who hailed from B.C. increased to 83 percent.

Photo by BC Hydro

Looking at rest of the statistics provided by Hydro shows that the number of temporary foreign workers employed at the dam site in December tell by 10 to a total of four, with an additional 27 foreigners employed as management and professionals. There were also only eight apprentices on site during the month, along with 219, and 78 Indigenous workers.


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