Taylor council passes bylaw to ban marijuana sales

Photo by Pixabay

TAYLOR, B.C. – Taylor council members passed a bylaw amendment at Monday’s meeting banning all selling, dispensing, and cultivation of marijuana in the municipality.

This includes all property zones, while medical marijuana production would no longer be permitted on properties zoned light or heavy industrial. The district was looking to temporarily outlaw cannabis before the substance becomes legal on July 1st.

“After attending the workshop last week and reading the handouts it confirmed to me that we are doing the right thing,” said Councillor Betty Ponto. “It was so interesting and there is so much more information coming down the pipeline.”

The Councillors added that the District was wanting to get ahead of the game when it comes to permitting of marijuana sales and dispensaries due to uncertainty over the still to be determined provincial and federal regulations.

The public meeting on January 22nd was attended by a total of four residents, none of whom asked any questions. Council did, however, receive one letter against the proposed bylaw amendment.