Alberta politicians vote unanimously to back province in oil pipeline fight

Alberta Legislative Assembly.
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EDMONTON, A.B. – Alberta politicians have passed a motion unanimously to back Premier Rachel Notley’s fight for the Trans Mountain pipeline.

The United Conservatives, Alberta Party, and Alberta Liberals joined with Notley’s NDP to back the government motion in support of the project, which would triple the amount of oil flowing from Edmonton to B.C.

The final tally was 70-0, with Notley and United Conservative Opposition Leader Jason Kenney in the chamber for the vote.


However, some politicians say they still have concerns with how Notley’s government is handling the battle with B.C. and dealing with Ottawa, which has jurisdiction over inter-provincial pipelines.

Kenney says Notley should have kept a recently lifted ban on B.C. wine in place, and was late to coming around to embracing the possibility of cutting off oil to B.C. to force the issue.

Greg Clark of the Alberta Party says Notley’s government has failed to make the case to B.C. that Alberta shares its concerns and is taking action on climate change.



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