Local Speed Skaters Clean Up at CanWest Short Track Skating Championship

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FORT ST JOHN, B.C. – Three local speed skaters hit the ice to compete on Team B.C. at the CanWest Short Track Championship in Abbotsford this past weekend.

Local athletes Joshua Telizyn, Brooke Braun and Sidney Bennie all represented the local Peace Region and the Elks Speed Skating Club at the championship. The competition featured the best athletes across Western Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

The three athletes were selected to don the Team B.C name and compete in the competition based on their performance at the BC Short Track Provincials in early March. Although it was the last competition of the season, the championship offered an excellent environment to compete against the best.

“The biggest take away for me, was the opportunity to have fun with the competitors and set goals for the upcoming season,” said Braun.

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She added that she plans on continuing to develop her endurance and stamina throughout the summer so she is strong and ready for the first competition of the season.

Similarly, veteran athlete Josh Telizyn has competed at the CanWest Championship numerous times. He said the highlight of the competition was his relay.


“Coming into the relay, Team Saskatchewan had won four years running so there was a lot of pressure to beat them. Right off the start, one of the skaters on Team BC fell putting us a lap behind and by the time we finally caught up a few laps later, a skater off Team Sask fell and took out another Team BC skater. In the end, it turned out to be a full-on three-lap sprint between myself since I was the anchor of Team BC and the anchor of Team Sask. I won the sprint so Team BC won the race but it was a very tight victory.”

At the championships, Brooke Braun finished 3rd overall in the T2T 14 Female Category with 2,964 points while Joshua Telizyn finished 4th overall in the T2T 15 Male category with 2,468 points. Sidney Bennie finished in 11th place in the T2T 12 Female Category with 758 points with notable second and third place finishes respectively in the 200m Pursuit and 2000m points Finale.

Brooke Braun T2T 14 Female- 3rd Place. Photo by Michael Mong

Sidney Bennie said, “I learnt a ton from the competition; not only from my competitors but also the Team BC coaches that I have never had the opportunity to work with before. Next year, I want to requalify and take what I learned and place higher overall.”  


Head Coach of the Elks Speed Skating Club, Richard Stickel was ecstatic with how the three athletes did.

“They all skated super well and even though short track speed skating is not our full-time pursuit. All three were still strong in comparison to the skaters who only skate short track.”

Stickel says the big goal for the upcoming season is to prepare the local skaters for the Canada Winter Game Trials that will be taking place this winter.

The Elks speed skating season has officially wrapped up as the ice is being removed from the Pomeroy Sports Centre early next week. Skaters will hit the ice again in mid-August.



Full Results Below


T2t 14  3 BRAUN, Brooke (T2T 14 F) British Columbia 2,964

6B Champ 1500 (100) mQualif. 1 3: 04.341

14A Champ 200 Pursuit/MS (100) m Qualif. 3 0: 22.661

22A Champ 1500 (100) m Finale 2 2: 57.697 816 pts

30A Champ 200 Pursuit/MS (100) m Finale 3 0: 22.227 666 pts


42D Champ 400 (100) m Qualif. 1 0: 42.352

50B Champ 400 (100) m Semi 2 0: 41.811

58A Champ 400 (100) m Finale 3 0: 41.521 666 pts

66A Champ 3000 Points (100) m Finale 2 0: 00.002 816 pts


4 TELIZYN, Joshua (T2T 15 M) British Columbia 2,468

8A Champ 1500 (100) mQualif. 1 2: 44.343

16A Champ 200 Pursuit/MS (100) m Qualif. 2 0: 20.251

24A Champ 1500 (100) mFinale 4 2: 41.037 543 pts

32A Champ 200 Pursuit/MS (100) m Finale 3 0: 31.678 666 pts

44B Champ 400 (100) m Qualif. 1 0: 38.943

52B Champ 400 (100) m Semi 1 0: 38.020

60A Champ 400 (100) m Finale 2 0: 39.460 816 pts

68A Champ 3000 Points (100) m Finale 5 0: 00.005 443 pts 5


T2t 12 11 BENNIE, Sidney (T2T 12 F) British Columbia 758

2B Champ 1500 (100) mQualif. 2 2: 55.655

10A Champ 200 Pursuit/MS (100) m Qualif. 10 0: 24.322

18A Champ 1500 (100) mFinale 6 2: 51.315 362 pts

26C Champ 200 Pursuit/MS (100) m Finale 2 0: 24.133 160 pts

38D Champ 400 (100) m Qualif. 4 0: 47.078

46C Champ 400 (100) m Semi 2 0: 46.295

54C Champ 400 (100) m Finale 4 P-Impeding 106 pts

62B Champ 2000 Points (100) m Finale 3 0: 00.003 130 pts

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