NEB hosting public hearing on proposed pipeline loops in Northeast B.C.

A map of Enbridge's Chetwynd and Aitken Creek proposed pipeline loops. Photo by National Energy Board.

CALGARY, A.B. – The National Energy Board will hold a public hearing to consider a proposal from Enbridge’s Westcoast Energy subsidiary to build two natural gas pipeline loops, totaling 38 kilometres in length, as well as their associated facilities.

Of the two proposed natural gas pipeline loops, the Chetwynd Loop totals 25 km in length, while the Aitken Creek Loop is 13 km long. Both proposed loops will parallel existing pipelines, but require new rights-of-way.

Westcoast has applied to the NEB under section 58 of the National Energy Board Act. Given the elevated level of public interest in this project, the NEB has decided to hold a hearing in order to consider the input of those who could be directly affected or who have expertise to share.

The NEB received 13 applications to participate, of which 11 applicants have been granted Intervenor status and two applicants have been granted Commenter status. The NEB will consider evidence from local landowners, Indigenous groups, companies, and federal, provincial and municipal departments as it decides whether to approve this project.

The dates of the public hearing have not been released.