Officials close Muskoseepi Park in Grande Prairie due to flash flooding

Emergency Alert for Grande Prairie, AB tonight. We stood here just a few hours prior to take this video before police evacuated the area. WOW 😮 I’ve never seen this much flooding around here. The ditches and fields that feed this reservoir are lakes right now and the dam may not hold. Police have blocked all roads and trails near the dam and downstream in case of a flash flood. Global Edmonton CTV Edmonton 2dayfm GP The Daily Herald-Tribune Q99- Grande Prairie

Posted by Joanne Savard on Saturday, April 28, 2018

GRANDE PRAIRIE, A.B. – Muskoseepi Park in Grande Prairie has been evacuated and closed until further notice. Many paths are under water and creek banks and slopes are extremely unstable.

The public is urged to stay away from the Bear Creek corridor and Muskoseepi Park.
Vehicular bridges crossing Bear Creek are safe for travel.

Releasing the water at a higher than normal rate through the spillway has protected the dam. It has also lowered water levels in the reservoir but increased water flows downstream.

Muskoseepi Park will remain closed until water recedes and a thorough damage assessment can be completed. Pedestrian bridges, paths, creek banks, and other park infrastructure will be inspected for safety before the park is reopened.

Crews will be monitoring water levels to protect critical infrastructure throughout the corridor.

RCMP and Enforcement Services will be monitoring the park.

At this time no properties have been damaged. Residents are asked to obey signs, barricades and the direction of local authorities.