Team Tardi unable to get rocks off in final game of Champions Cup

Sterling Middleton throwing a rock. Photo by Anil Mungal.

CALGARY, AB – Team Tardi played their final game of the Champions Cup Friday night against Team Jacobs.

Team Jacobs blanked the first end, but would go on to score one in the second end with the hammer, steal two in the third and fourth, and steal four in the fifth end to go up 9-0.

Team Tardi conceded defeated at the end of the fifth end. The team shot only 65 percent, their worst mark of the entire tournament. Tyler Tardi only shot 46 percent in the game.

Team Tadri finished last in Pool B and did not make the quarterfinals. Brad Gushue who finished with the top spot in Pool B would go on to win the tournament, beating Glenn Howard 8-2 in the finals.

The next major curling tournament Team Tardi will hope to participate in is the Tour Challenge, which will see 30 mens curling teams competing.