Dufresne Crowned King of Spring

The Blizzard Bike Club after the King of Spring race. Photo by the Blizzard Bike Club Facebook page.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. –  The Blizzard Bike Club was in action last weekend this time competing in the King of Spring Montney Circuit.

Mike Dufresne won the 55 kilometre race and was crowned the “King of Spring”, while Kristine Bock came first out of the women and was deemed “Queen of Spring”

The race started at Wood’s Corner and went all the way to Upper Pine School and back. 13 total racers attended, their times are listed below:


1. Mike Dufresne 1:58:19 hours
2. Robert Sapp 2:06:02
3. Kristine Bock 2:07:02
4. Pat Ferris 2:13:03
5. Natasha Pasincky 2:16:43
6. Amanda Mitchell 2:22:19
7. Davide Loro 2:23:28
8. Rick Newlove 2:35:50


1. Hannah North 1:15:56
2. Matt Matchell 1:16:14
3. Emma North 1:20:14
4. Dan Bastiaansen 1:20:54
5. Kate North 1:35:14

Up next for the Blizzard Bike Club is the B.C. Peace Randonneur 400 km Grand Tour de Peace on Saturday May 26th.