Editorial: MLA Dan Davies on the plot twists of the Kinder Morgan saga

Peace River North MLA Dan Davies. Photo by supplied.

As I watch this Kinder Morgan fiasco unfold and take on a new chapter each day, the more upset I get with our provincial and federal governments. All pieces were in place for the Trans-Mountain pipeline to be built last year until Premier Horgan — being “wagged” by the Green Party and his eco-activist NDP caucus — have created a national constitutional crisis and incited trade wars with our closest neighbour, Alberta.  Premier Horgan, we all know and agree, is breaking the law by trying to block this provincially and federally approved pipeline.

Now, after all this continued uncertainly that is being emitted from our province, Kinder Morgan has cold feet and is revisiting its options.  Queue the taxpayer!  Now, the feds and Alberta government, being desperate, are wanting to throw millions of your tax dollars to invest in Kinder Morgan, or even back another proponent.  Now we the taxpayer will be shouldering the liability and who knows what else.

None of this would have happened had premier Horgan respected the Constitution, nor would any of this continued if our federal government enforced the rule of law in the first place.  Now all we can do is wait and see and hope for an outcome that sees the Trans Mountain pipeline built to the benefit of all taxpayers.

– Dan Davies, MLA for Peace River North