Fort St. John Disc Sports Club starts season

A member of the FSJ Disc Sports Club enjoying the first round of disc golf on the new course in Toboggan Hill Park. Photo by supplied.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Disc Sports Club started their disc golf season on Wednesday at Toboggan Hill Park.

16 residents participated playing 18 holes of disc golf. According to the Vice President of FSJ Disc Sports Club Elaina Warkentin, the first couple weeks of the season is crucial as it sets up the rankings for rest of the year.

The club uses bag tags to rank the participants throughout the season. Participants are allowed to challenge other participants ten ranking ahead of them in hopes of climbing the disc golf leaderboard. If lower ranked players beat the higher ranked players they are given the higher ranked players bag tag. Participants can only challenge three ranks ahead once they enter the top five rankings.

FSJ Disc Sports Club is also preparing for the start of their ultimate frisbee season and according to Elaina Warkentin everyone is encouraged to come out and try the sport.

Results for the disc golf league play and ultimate frisbee are posted every week on the FSJ Disc Sports Club Facebook Page.