NPSS students travel to Mexico to build home for the less fortunate

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VICENTE GUERRERO, MEXICO – Four students from school district #60 took part in a trip to Mexico to build a house for the less fortunate.

Ben Jackson, Taylor Rowe, Liam Mavin, and Josh Stones were accompanied by Richard Koop the District Principal Special projects on the trip. Liam Mavin and Josh Stones were from the North Peace Secondary residential construction program, and Ben Jackson and Taylor Rowe were from Hudson’s Hope school.

The group went down on March 3rd and came back to Fort St. John on March 11th.They travelled to the town of Vincent Guerrero to build the home, about four hours south of San Diego on Baja California.

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“Seeing the students really positive and enthusiastic about going down and helping a family that was in desperate need,” Koop said about his best experience on the trip. “It shows where their hearts were at… That was a big highlight, that generosity that generous spirit.”

The Students laying down the foundation of the home. photo by Richard Koop.

The group was able to set up a system of pipes that produced water into the shower and sink of the home, giving the family a limited supply of running water.

Koop explained they chose the location of Vicente Guerrero because a former Fort St. John teacher who had brought multiple building crews to the area recommended it to him.

According to Koop the cost of building materials was $5,000 dollars. Koop explained that the people who lived in the town would only make 25-30 cents an hour, so the home built would have been impossible to achieve without the groups help.

Finished Home. Photo by Richard Koop.

The students got to try traditional Mexican food and visit different beaches but according to Koop their favourite part of the trip was being able to help the less fortunate.


The students enjoying Tacos and coke in a local Mexican restaurant. Photo by Richard Koop.

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