Clayton Wolsey finishes 3rd in class at Capstan Rat 200

GRAND PRAIRIE, AB – Jet Boat season started last weekend with the Grand Prairie Capstan Rat 200 race.

The event saw 16 total racers from B.C., Alberta, and the United States. Fort St. John was well-represented at the event with three racers competing.

Trapper Wolsey, Stacy Kelm, and Clayton Wolsey all competed in the Countryside class, where they finished 5th, 4th, and 3rd respectively.


Clayton Wolsey had the best results out of the Fort St. John racers finishing 9th place overall in the competition.

Results for the races are shown below:

Red Line:

  • 1st: Chad Burns: 1:16:30
  • 2nd: Ryan Rogers: 1:16:51
  • 3rd: Rick Hollingworth: 1:19:03

Steel Industrial:

  •  1st: Tim Greber: 1:39:43
  • 2nd: Regan Redick: 1:43:33
  • 3rd: Darin Cage: 1:43:46


  • 1st: Kelly Lock: 1:38:17
  • 2nd: Travis Bengston: 1:41:28
  • 3rd: Clayton Wolsey: 1:43:37
  • 4th: Stacy Kelm: 1:45:30
  • 5th: Trapper Wolsey: 1:46:10


  • Nathan McCleod: 1:47:03
  • Colton Houston: 1:51:53
  • Tanner Froehilch: 1:53:03

Next on the Jet Boat season schedule is the Peace River Race on July 8th and 9th.

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