Fort Nelson Chamber concerned about lack of clarity on proportional representation question

A photo of Fort Nelson from the air. Photo by Fort Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce

FORT NELSON, B.C. – The Fort Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce says it is concerned that the provincial government has not provided members of the public and the business community with enough clarity to make an informed decision in the upcoming referendum on Proportional Representation.

During the 2018 BC Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting, BC Chambers voted in favour of a resolution to have a non-partisan panel appointed to look at the likely outcomes of an alternative system prior to issuing a referendum, comparable to the previous Citizens’ Assembly, examining the implications of the proportional representation. In particular, the Chambers say the panel should look at proportional representation’s implications on rural/urban divide.

The Chambers also voted in favour of the Province clearly defining the system of proportional representation that is being considered well ahead of any referendum, and to confirm that no changes would be implemented without a clear overall majority with support in each riding.

“British Columbians need to be provided with concise, understandable information so as to be able to make an informed decision.” said Bev Vandersteen, Fort Nelson Chamber of Commerce.

The Fort Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce said today that it is calling on the provincial government to slow the process down and implement the suggestions proposed by the BC Chamber.