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Hudson’s Hope Fire and Rescue now offering medical first responder services

HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – Hudson’s Hope Fire and Rescue will now be providing medical first responder services within the district.

The new service will see firefighters assisting BC Ambulance staff in timely and high-quality pre-hospital care for residents and visitors. The firefighters had to complete 40 hours of training as well as pass a written and physical exam in order to receive their license from the BC Emergency Medical Assistant Licensing Branch.

District of Hudson’s Hope Director of Protective Services Robert Norton explained that the fire department responders got the certification to be able to offer more services to the people of the municipality.

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“It just provides us with the opportunity to provide an additional service to the residents and the visitors here in Hudson’s Hope..” said Norton, “It’s a fantastic service and were very fortunate to be able to provide it, it will benefit station outcomes.”

Hudson’s Hope now joins approximately 300 different departments in B.C. that offer medical first responder services.

Fire department responders will now provide the following services:

• cardiopulmonary resuscitation;

• basic wound and fracture management;

• maintenance of airways and ventilation;

• use of airway management techniques including oropharyngeal airways, oral suction devices and oxygen-supplemented mask devices to assist ventilation;

• use of an automatic or semi-automatic external defibrillator;

• cervical collar application and spinal immobilization on a long spine board;

• administration of oxygen;

• administration of oral glucose;

• emergency childbirth;

• and ventilation using pocket mask and bag/valve/mask devices.

For more information regarding the new service contact Robert Norton at (250)-783-9901.



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