Organizers say second 3D Conference in Tumbler Ridge a success

A photo from the Tumbler Ridge Museum

TUMBLER RIDGE, B.C. — Organizers say that the the second 3D Conference – which stands for Drugs, Dinos and Dinner – in Tumbler Ridge was a big success.

According to Dr. Charles Helm, nearly 70 physicians, pharmacists, paramedics and nurses registered for the conference, which took place May 25th-27th. Helm said that nearly 120 attended the Saturday evening banquet, possibly making it the largest-ever medical gathering in Northeast B.C. history.  

Helm said that participants were treated to stimulating talks from speakers Tom Perry, Rita McCracken, Cait O’Sullivan, and Emma Reid of the Therapeutics Initiative, a UBC-based think-tank that rigorously analyzes evidence on which medications work and which don’t. “Deprescribing” was emphasized – trying to get by with fewer medications and eliminating those that may be harmful. Dr. Stuart Johnston provided a talk on hand injuries and conducted a practical workshop on tendon repair and skin flaps, and Dr. Trevor Campbell spoke engagingly on non-drug treatment of chronic pain. Five exhibitor booths provided for extra learning opportunities, all completely free of pharmaceutical industry involvement.

According to Dr. Helm, the palaeo-theme reigned supreme, with the welcome-supper served amid dinosaur attractions that are available nowhere else in BC. Field trips followed to a dinosaur footprint site, a birding excursion, and a hike to the end of the magnificent Titanic Rock.

Helm said that overall, the event was a hugh success, and he looks forward to the community hosting the conference in 2019.