Tate Haugan wins 2018 Junior Men’s Fyn ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship

Tate Haugan after winning the 2018 Fyn ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships. Photo by Triathlon Canada.

FYN, DENMARK – A Fort St. John resident has been declared World Champion after winning the 2018 Junior Men’s Fyn ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship.

18-year-old Tate Haugan won the title on July 10th after finishing the race with a time of one hour, seven minutes and 32 seconds. The next closest time belonged to Denmark’s Oscar Gladney Rundqvist who finished over 35 seconds behind Haugan.

The race started out close as Haugan and Gladney Rundqvist were only three seconds apart coming out of the swim. Haugan was able to pull away during the biking portion of the race as he was over a minute faster than Gladney Rundqvist. Gladney Rundqvist made up close to 50 seconds in the running stage but it was too little too late.

Results for the top five finishers are shown below:

  1. Tate Haugan: 01:07:32 (Swim: 05:53. Bike: 39:32. Run: 19:39.)
  2. Oscar Gladney Rundqvist: 01:08:08
  3. Victor Goene: 01:08:43
  4. Flippo Pradella: 01:08:50
  5. Petr Velisak: 01:12:55