The Gamblers win Ante Up Poker Tournament

Fort St. John Mixed SlowPitch League.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Mixed Slow Pitch League held their “Ante Up” Poker Tournament this weekend.

The tournament saw nine teams competing to build the best poker hand by Sunday Night. If teams were victorious in their games they were awarded two cards, while a loss meant they would only receive one card.

Results from the tournament are shown below:


  1. The Gamblers: Straight flush – $800
  2. Blackout Express: Four of a kind and two one-eyed jacks – $600
  3. Fait: Full house – $400
  4. Brew Jays: Three of a kind and one pair – $320
  5. Bubba Nuts: AK47 – $220
  6. The Giants: Pregnant threes – $220
  7. Balls Deep: Two pairs – $200
  8. Alcoballics: One-eyed jack – $50
  9. Velocity: One-eyed jack and worst poker hand – $50 and a case of beer