Wyatt Graham wins Mini Sprints at Lazers Edge Mini Challenge

Racing action at the Taylor Speedway. Photo by Jessica Fedigan.

TAYLOR, B.C. – The Taylor Speedway hosted the Lazers Edge Mini Challenge this past weekend.

The event saw approximately 25 racers competing in the Minis, Sportsman, IMCA Modified, and Bomber classes.

Big winners from the races included Wyatt Graham who won the Mini Sprints back to back days, as well as Austin Kube who finished first once and second twice.

Results from the Lazers Edge are shown below:

Mini Sprints:
  1. Wyatt Graham
  2. Tyson LeClerc
  3. Keagen Wallace
  1. Austin Kube
  2. Chantal Richards
  3. Devon Beebe
Mini Adults:
  1. Dan Harrison
  2. Jamie Legal


  1. Calvin Hildebrand
  2. Clint Mason
  3. Matt Burdock
IMCA Modifieds:
  1. AJ Everton
  2. Darren Morin
  3. Dennis Wurst
  4. Al Scarfo
Mini Sprints:
  1. Wyatt Graham
  2. Keagen Wallace
  3. Cody Willis
  1. Russel Duncan
  2. Austin Kube
  3. Devon Beebe
  1. Clint Mason
  2. Chelsea Babcock
  3. Calvin Hildebrand
IMCA Modifieds:
  1. Darren Morin
  2. Matt Richards
  3. Al Scarfo
  4. Aaron Tubbs
Mini Stock Challenge:
  1. Jamie Legal
  2. Austin Kube
  3. Russel Duncan