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Bob Zimmer says Canada should put focus on banning illegal firearms rather than restricting legal ones

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Canada’s gun laws have been much more effective than loads of other nations, but recent events have made the government consider additional restrictions in parts of the country.

In wake of the Toronto shooting that took place last month, Toronto city council passed a motion urging the federal government to allow the city to ban the sale of handguns and ammunition within the city limits.

Conservative Party Member of Parliment Bob Zimmer explained that he believes Toronto is going after the wrong idea.

“What does need to happen is they need to combat gangs getting guns,” said Zimmer. “They need to put more resources into capturing those firearms they brought through the border.”

Zimmer added that stopping the smuggling of illegal guns into Canada was the biggest issue regarding the matter.

“Stopping the smuggling of handguns into Canada is the problem. They need to crack down on that and I’d be more than happy to see resources put in to do that.”

Zimmer mentioned that when in the proper hands, handguns are no more harmful than driving a car.

“We have automobile accidents, so does that mean we are going to eliminate all automobiles?”

“For some reason that gets attributed to firearms and people say okay. Well, its okay if you don’t use firearms but if you’re a firearms owner that does it lawfully, you use it for sport, some use it for their jobs.”

Zimmer added that there are already loads of restrictions to legally acquire firearms and that adding more is not needed.

“To own a handgun in Canada you need to be licensed, do training, have a background check and have to maintain that impeccable┬árecord just to own one. I don’t think we need to make any more laws to make it more difficult for lawful firearms owners.”

Zimmer went on to say that it is unfortunate when shootings like Toronto and most recently Fredericton occur, but the focus should be on illegal firearms.

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