D Crew comes out on top at Allen LaFleur Tournament of Hope

First Baseman stretching out to make the play. Photo by Dave Lueneberg.

TAYLOR, B.C. – The Allen LaFleur Tournament of Hope was held in Taylor last weekend.

The tournament saw a total of 40 teams participate and raise money for families fighting cancer.

The D Crew was the big winner from the tournament as they took home first place in the A division. Other winners included Sons of Pitches in the B division, Pitches and Throws in the C division, Highmark Hit Squad in the D division and the Brew Jays in the E division.

The D Crew, winners of the Red Eye. Photo by Dave Luenberg.

The Blue Ballers didn’t have the same success as other teams, finishing 40th place and winning the toilet bowl.

Toilet Bowl Champion Blue Ballers. Photo by Amanda Lawrence.

Full results from the Allen LaFleur Tournament of Hope are shown below:

Division A:

  1. D Crew
  2. Farm Team

Division B:

  1. Sons of Pitches
  2. Pumped up Ballz

Division C:

  1. Pitches and Throws
  2. Beer Barons

Division D:

  1. Highmark Hit Squad
  2. Candoo

Division E:

  1. Brew Jays
  2. Benchwarmers

Toilet Bowl:

  • Blue Ballers