Peter Kostelnick says northern Wildlife has been most exciting part of cross continental run

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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A man who has made it his goal to run from Kenai, Alaska to Key West, Florida will be passing through the Energetic City this Saturday.

Peter Kostelnick is in the 31st day of his historic journey and is the first runner ever to run the entirety of the Alaska Highway self-supported. Kostelnick explained that in order for him to reach his goal tonight he had to run over 110 kilometres.

“It goes up and down big time,” said Kostelnick “Depending on how far apart services are where I can stay to get a nights rest.”

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Kostelnick, who holds the World Record for running across the US in just 42 days, six hours and 30 minutes, added that he decided to do this run because he loves road trips. In his record-breaking run, he wasn’t able to stop and enjoy the sights, something he has made sure to do this time around.

Pete in Testa River, B.C. Photo by Pete’s Across America.

“I’ve loved road trips, I’ve always loved going places, I’ve always said getting there isn’t half the fun, it’s all the fun.”

“I didn’t really get to enjoy it per say because I was pretty much either running, eating or sleeping that whole time when I ran two years ago. This run gives me a little more time to see the sights and stop and take some photos. It’s more of something in my own imagination than trying to take someone else’s record. It’s kind of like my own wild dream.”

Kostelnick mentioned that his favourite part of the run so far has been all the different wildlife he’s seen here in the north.

“I’ve seen so many great sights, I’ve seen a lot of awesome wildlife. They’ve left me alone, but I saw a few bears, lots of moose, caribou and foxes.”

Photo by Casey Brown, Flickr


Kostelnick hopes to arrive at the Energetic City between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. He encourages residents to join him on his run.

“I’d love to see people come out. My only thing is, so far this run really nice tourists have stopped and wanted to hand me food or drinks, but I am self-supported, so I can’t.”

“Anyone who wants to run with me can, I love the company. The only thing I accept is beer because I don’t consider that support aha.”

For more information on Kostelnick’s run, you can visit his Facebook Page. To track his location click here. So far Kostelnick has run approximately 2,784 kilometres.

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