Ritchie Hosker and Valerie Unruh victorious at Links Clubs Championship

Championship Flight winner Ritchie Hosker. Photo by Fort St. John Links.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Links hosted their Club Championships last weekend.

The championships saw a total of 39 golfers competing to be crowned the Link’s top competitor.

Ritchie Hosker had the best finish as he won the championship flight by nine strokes, shooting a 146 in two days of golf action. The ladies side was much closer as Val Unruh beat Pam Labeau by just one stroke.

In the Jr. Flight, Aiden Craig-Steele had smooth sailing as he shot 144, 23 strokes better than the next closest golfer.

Winners from the Championships are shown below:

Championship Flight:

  1. Ritchie Hosker: 146
  2. Adam Krueger: 157

Ladies Championship Flight:

  1. Val Unruh: 199
  2. Pam Labeau: 200

Jr. Flight:

  1. Aiden Craig-Steele: 144
  2. Chase London: 167

First Flight:

  1. Bud Palfy: 169
  2. Leroy Krueger/Elliot Knight: 171

Second Flight:

  1. Brian Campbell: 176
  2. Kevin Frankham: 190

Third Flight:

  1. Evan Saugstad: 183
  2. Doug McCracken: 205

Ladies First Flight:

  1. Jan Jorven: 203
  2. Nathaile Middleton: 204