Tim Zimmer and U17 Team B.C. finish 2nd place at U18 Canadian Rugby Championships

Tim Zimmer lining up for a scrum. Photo by Tim Zimmer.

WINNIPEG, M.B. – Tim Zimmer and the U17 B.C. Rugby team were in action two weekends ago at the U18 Canadian Rugby Championships in Winnipeg.

Zimmer’s team finished with a 4-1 record on their way to second place in the entire tournament.

The team started the event by defeating Team Manitoba, they then narrowly edged out Team Alberta, next was Team B.C. U18 which was their only loss of the tournament. Zimmer’s tournament concluded with wins against Team Saskatchewan and a second Alberta team.

Zimmer explained that though his goal was to finish with a gold medal, second place was nothing to scoff at.

“We got second place which is pretty good,” said Zimmer. “We pretty much beat every team except for the B.C. U18’s which for us as a U17 team that’s pretty good considering were playing in a U18 tournament.”

Zimmer added that the excitement he had wearing the B.C. crest was like nothing he had ever experienced before.

“It was unbelievable, it was like me coming from a couple months ago playing high school for North Peace to Team B.C. in just a matter of months was just incredible.”